Seth Godin

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is an incredible marketer, author and agent of change. What I think makes him so crazily respected is how he can break down such fundamental concepts in business, marketing, about you and how the world is run into such easy to understand bites.

He’s in the business of sharing ideas, and getting you to do the same thing. There’s three ways he’s communicating with you:

Seth’s Blog

Almost everyday, Seth writes one or two short blog posts explaining another idea. It’s read by hundreds of thousands of people every day. It's excellent.

Here’s his latest posts...

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Seth Godin books

Seth’s Books

I love Seth’s books. They’re written to be short, simple and easy to understand. They make you feel smart in the one evening it takes to read them and “get it”. Each one of his books centres around one kind of idea, and features a hundred or so mini-essays on a topic relating to that idea. Its ‘salami-sliced’ already for you.

Also, because they’re not giant books, they’re quite affordable too. Here’s a brief rundown of just some of my favourite books he’s written.

  • Tribes - Connect people around an idea and go make change. A great book on leading people to make a difference.
  • Purple Cow - In marketing, you have to be *remarkable*, kinda like a Purple Cow. A marketers must-read book.
  • The Dip - When to quit and when to stick. How and when quitting helps you (and this book really has helped me!)
  • Linchpin - The Linchpin is the person who stands up to the people taking and giving orders and share ideas, create change and invent. You must become a Linchpin.
  • Permission Marketing - I can’t sell you something without your permission. A marketing classic that paved the way for the modern email and direct marketing industry.

Seth’s Talks

He’s also a really good speaker, so take a look at some of these videos. I’ve embedded some of my favourite, better quality videos from across the interwebs. The great thing is, you can probably go out and find just as many awesome Seth Godin talks - probably more.

Tony Hsieh interviews Seth Godin in Times Square

Tony Hsieh founded the legendary internet shoe company, Zappos, and he chats with Seth Godin in this extended interview here about whilst promoting their book, ‘Delivering Happiness’

Seth Godin on the Tribes We Lead

An excellent TED Talk on the principles of Tribe

Seth Godin on “Influencing the Masses”

Leading a Tribe

Seth Godin with Andrew Warner

Ideas that Spread, Win

The Mindset of a Winner

When to Quit

How to Flip The Sales Funnel

Seth Godin on the Lizard Brain

Overpowering Your Lizard Brain

Seth Godin wants you to decide

No One Cares About You

Seth Godin & Tom Peters on Blogging

Seth Godin on Social Networking

This is Broken

Since you've reached the bottom, you probably like this guy ;) Go do something remarkable, then he wants you to email him about it. Go to his website when you're ready.

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