Jobs for Teenagers

Inside this guide, you’ll learn how to find awesome jobs for teenagers that pay loads, are incredible fun and easily slot in with the rest of your life. Wait, did I really just say that?

So what’s the real problem?

Us teenagers face a horrible credit crunch from a growing desire for the latest gadgets, the freedom of driving and going out, all of which adds up quickly. Too often, we’re saying “no, I can’t afford that”. That sucks...

Then we’ve got the big uncertain questions in the future to save for like travelling around, and that horrible question over debt.

And its understable, right? Most teen jobs are dull and mundane; flipping burgers at McDonald’s or shifting boxes at a local shop is not making a dent in the universe, or always going to motivate you to leap out of bed each morning.

They don’t even pay that much either; if you’re getting a job above minimum wage levels you’re doing well it seems. That’s ridiculous given how much value young people have.

Finally, there aren’t even that many jobs for teenagers available anyways. Teens tend to only work part-time, and are the last people companies hire (and the first to go). The teen job market is brutally tough with little reward.

What if that could change?

What if you could work from home, in your spare time, in your pajamas even? Or working with your friends locally? Imagine making hundreds, even thousands every month... and still have loads of fun.

The answer is to think and act like an entrepreneur Entrepreneurs create businesses, they take calculated risks to achieve greater purpose and profits. So here’s three alternatives to dull teenage jobs.

  1. Start Your Teen Business

    Start your own little business, master the art of making business doing something you enjoy. Take a look at some of these practical teen business ideas and this complete guide to starting your own teen business.

  2. Get Your Foot in with a Local Business

    Don’t ask for a job. Create a job. Ask yourself how can you add value to that shop around the corner or your friends parents business;

    • Maybe they could really benefit from having a website to reach to more buyers across the world?
    • Maybe they’re really struggling with staffing during really busy periods, and need an extra pair of hands on call now and then?
    • Maybe small business owners are just struggling with simple stuff like sorting through email, organizing their schedules and need a sort of ‘secretarial role’ you can fill in?

  3. Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

    Somewhere in your bedroom, I bet there’s at least a dozen “things” you don’t really want. Stuff that someone else might want, and that you can sell.

    Traditionally, a ‘garage sale’ would see these unwanted items sold off to your neighbours for rock bottom prices. They don’t really want them either, but at a low enough price they might be persuaded.

    Today, the web can connect you with buyers who really want your stuff. eBay organizes these buyers together to bid on your item and ensure it goes to the persons who demands it most.

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