Google is a gift to marketers online. Driving relevant, targeted, free visitors to webpages where you can promote and sell products is the biggest bargain on the net. Search engine optimization or ‘SEO’ is the practice of ranking highly at the search engines for relevant search phrases, and of all the places to learn, I recommend SEOmoz.

SEOmoz make software to help people in the SEO industry do their job; to help promote themselves and raise awareness of the potential of SEO, they pour a huge amount of effort into creating the best free training on the net.

Start with their Beginners Guide to SEO. Its a quick, thorough introduction to all things SEO. Then, subscribe to the blog featuring daily posts from search engine marketing professionals writing about how to do SEO. Its not all SEO either...

Be sure to also check out the weekly ‘Whiteboard Friday’ videos; short, presentations with a whiteboard explaining something new, advanced tactics and other useful, actionable information.

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