Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall

Without doubt, following Perry Marshall in the marketing world has been the most beneficial thing to my entire perception and approach to marketing. The guy is a genius, ideas born from a hybrid of his previous sales and sound engineering career and his arsenal of connections. Crucially, he started in his teens by making and selling speaker systems. He’s got that old schoolism in him, and he really gets it.

Perry runs a consultancy business with some associates, as well as producing digital and physical ‘consultancy-based’ products such as the bestselling published work on the topic: ‘Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords’.

Google Adwords was actually the first place I came across Perry Marshall’s stuff, but what really hooked me was where he suggests that Google Adwords isn’t the complete picture, but instead forms only part of a whole marketing strategy. He teaches lots of other marketing techniques like white paper marketing, email marketing and most recently – Facebook marketing – to name a few.

Perry Marshall

Perry runs a very effective product funnel. He anticipates most people will spend more money on his products after their initial exposure – so whilst he does promote some of his expert coaching and complete marketing systems, the $725/hour rate is perhaps a tad much for the average teen :p

He has still given his lower-end products his best efforts though. By making them awesome and affordable, he increases the likelihood of people upgrading to some of his more expensive goodies.

So what do I recommend of his worth getting? What can and should you pay attention to?

Perry Marshall

His bestselling-book – the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords lies dog-eared and open on any expert or beginner PPC marketer. He also pieced together a one-page Adwords cheat sheet to entice people to join his mailing list relating to his regularly updated and exhaustive Definitive Guide to Google Adwords which is much dearer than the published book, since its packed full of the latest ninja tactics.

Whilst its not hard to setup an account and start running adverts (Google makes it as easy as possible), the art comes from running a profitable campaign. This is what Perry’s techniques are all about.

Recently, with the launch of Facebook advertising, Perry has had a team dedicated to no-expenses-spared research into Facebook Ads. The results they’re seeing so far are very different to what they’ve had with Google, and they’re now publishing some basic videos as well as personalized reports on Facebook Ads. Perry doesn’t just internet marketing – he looks at the complete solution, particularly for hi-tech or complicated niche products. He offers courses in writing whitepapers (a great lead generation technique), hi-tech marketing solutions and a handful membership packages where you get help and coaching from Perry and his associates.

As is the norm, a lot of free stuff is given away as well, to attract people to all these courses – and unlike most of the stuff on the internet, Perry Marshall’s “freebies” are some of the best things I own.

I strongly recommend getting on his email newsletter. Not only do you get his excellent blog posts in your inbox, but you also get access to some of his teleseminars and special downloads which are totally invaluable. I also suggest working your way through Perry’s email courses like his 9 Lies of Sales and Marketing. as a way to get onto his email lists.

One of his freebie give-aways was a CD entitled ‘Guerilla Marketing for Hi-Tech Sales People’ was simply awesome; a concise course in smart marketing. The actual material is the same as you find here if you want to read it online, but if you want a hardcopy CD, all it costs you is the shipping and handling. Highly recommended.

Checkout his YouTube Channel as well, although (from experience) he saves the best videos for his email lists, and doesn't necessarily share them on YouTube.

Still, you can get stuff like this:

A Quick Hack

Perry Marshall download

Go to Google, type the following and you’ll find links to articles and downloads of PDF files which Perry’s made available.

He’s quite liberal with sharing goodies, but the best stuff will always be reserved for his paying customers. His cheapest membership newsletter is the ‘Renaissance Club’ but at $39.95/month its perhaps out of most bootstrapped-teens price range.

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