Motivating Young Entrepreneurs

motivating young entrepreneurs

I wanted to talk about motivating young entrepreneurs. See, us teenagers are awesome. Some of us have sailed around the world, some of us are awesomely talented - some of us even have the guts to tell the world how we think.

I find it really frustrating then when you have young people sort of “giving up” because they’ve been told they’re not good at something or they’re not really motivated to do something. Or both...

So how are teens motivated?

A team of people from the RSA looked into what motivates us and stumbled upon is really interesting (i.e. why money isn’t always the best motivator and )

Watch it :-]

Watched the video?

So they basically figure that autonomy – doing your own thing - is pretty awesome. You’d rather do that than college work or tidy your room. Even better is when you add mastery - getting good at stuff.

And when you have some kind of purpose behind what you want to do (like becoming ridiculously good at playing drums because you want to do it professionally) you feel empowered to do something.

So how can you do something on your own, get good at it and have some kind of purpose behind it?

Well, ever thought of your own teen business?