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SEOmoz have just announced a contest for lifetime free membership of their awesome PRO Tools to promote their new ’30 no-strings-attached free trial’.

The average SEOmoz user is about 30 year old (says their industry survey), looking at about 45 more years of life before they tragically pass away, or $53,460 worth of moz money. What better tool, and what better way to put your stamp on the world of search?

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Over 45 years, SEOmoz are going to give you at least $53,460 worth of excellent goodies in the PRO app that make your day-to-day life working as an SEO so much easier.

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Not to leave out the free Q&A sessions with industry experts, exclusive PRO-webinars and awesome discounts off all things search.

Starting today, SEOmoz are launching a contest to promote their new ’30 no-strings-attached free trial’ of SEOmoz PRO... you’d be wasting your time NOT to check out the worlds largest SEO community.

Shhhh! There’s another, secret *ninja* way to get SEOmoz PRO free

If you’re smart and have a crazy-useful habit of getting things done there's another secret path to getting SEOmoz PRO for free. No one really mentions it as much as they should. It’s called getting hired by Distilled, SEOmoz’s awesome consulting partners.

Save for making Fruit Ninja a real life game, or going on work experience with Jackie Chan, I’ve done nothing more ninja than work at Distilled. Its crazy reading day-to-day search blogs, articles and videos - then looking up at the folks who wrote them. Imagine that...

The big name clients complement the big-ass dual monitors you get to work on. And of course you get get fully access to SEOmoz PRO from day-one. I was stunned in my seat when Tom, Head of Search handed me the keys to my own PRO account on the first day, with a “its no problem”. Hero!

More importantly, enforced fun every Friday with beer-o-clock and bi-monthly part-tays, the chance to attend and run the most popular and highly rated seminars in the industry as well as work in the A-team of SEO from day one.

They don’t even ask for any SEO experience.

A quick favour: When they ask in the application form, how did you hear about the role, just type “Ed said”. They’ll know what to do ;-)

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